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Thursday, September 18, 2014

‘99% of today's graduates are not employable’?

Nigerian graduates unemployment and youth unemployability

Could this be true? I saw the above headline on Vanguard Newspapers yesterday and felt somehow that the statistics was overblown. Still can’t believe that all the years of hardwork in school are still not sufficient to prepare an average Nigerian graduate for the challenges of the present-day workplace.

Do you agree with the school thought who believe that graduates produced in this country are not employable? Please find the report below and let’s have your views on this…

Former Kokodiagbene youth leader and the Director, Brakins Resources, Mr. Kennedy Brake, has called on all Nigerian youths to imbibe the culture of what he terms “employability development.” He spoke in Warri, Delta State, while addressing some graduate youths who paid him a courtesy visit in his office at Ekpan.
According to him, “the core problem of the rising unemployment crisis in Nigeria is not solely caused by lack of employment opportunities but lack of employability development by 99 per cent of today’s graduates.
“What is employability development? It is development of soft generic skills that are necessary for getting, keeping and being successful in any employment sector. These skills and attitudes enable the prospective employee to get along with their colleagues, to make critical decisions, solve problem, develop respect and ultimately become a strong representative for an organisation.
“99 per cent of today graduates are not employable in any industry because they completely lack employability skills and these skills are frequently mentioned in the media that are lacking in graduates. And graduates take cognizance of this problem to refine themselves to be employable.”
 Culled from Vanguard

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