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Monday, September 22, 2014

Thank God It's Monday (TGIM)

Responsibility is the Price of Greatness
        Winston Churchill 

It amazes me to observe the laxity and lackadaisical attitude some people show to their work when a new week approaches. Many would prefer to have the weekend ‘Owambe’ extended till Monday than think of what to do to get themselves ready for the tasks that lie ahead.

This can be seen in the nonchalant, uninteresting manner with which they handle their activities once a new week sets in. It’s your life after all, but it shouldn't be so. Work should be seen as an avenue to add value to your immediate environment and the community at large, knowing quite well that by so doing you are improving your worth.

So let’s look at some of the things to do to remain inspired and ever-green to meet effectively the demands of a new week: Continue...

1. Begin with a plan… Just as we know that Saturday marks the end of every week, you can use it to take 'stock' and draw a map of the things you intend to accomplish in the coming week. Bear in mind that things may not turn out 100% as planned, but it is better to have a ‘half achieved plan’ than no plan at all. Successful people think on paper is a saying that holds water; just write down the things you intend to accomplish and work towards realizing them. The results will surprise you.

2. Let go of past hurts… Nothing stifles creativity like one bearing grudge. You might have argued with a colleague, been offended or had a misunderstanding; nevertheless, do not allow ill-feeling of any sort to hinder your progress. You have to learn how to let go. I’ll rather have a fresh mind urging for creativity than one filled with grudge longing for vengeance and in the process kill creativity.

3. Avoid distractions… Like I said before, work should be seen as a means of adding value and there is need for focus if you must achieve your aim.The truth is that your impact cannot be fully felt if you are distracted. Time for work is not a time to start arguing about village matters or Chelsea versus Liverpool. These things can be fun at times, but they shouldn't stand on your way to producing tangible results. There are many things out there calling for our attention and the ones we allow rule our day.

4. Think of change if your job has become a drudgery... A lot of people in various firms are just slaving away and call it work. If the best thing you can recall about your work is the salary you collect, then something is wrong. No amount of money you earn will be able to restore years wasted in drudgery, all in the name of work. 

You can only enjoy your work when you are doing what you love doing. Many have developed premature grey hairs simply because they are ‘suffering and smiling’. It’s not late to think of changing a job for the one you have passion for. You can pursue your passion. On the other hand, I will also advise you not to quit your current job if you've not found another one. Wisdom is profitable for direction. 

5. Pray… Don’t allow the 21st century fad to becloud your sense of judgement, prayer still remains the most potent force to effect changes on earth and should be prioritized. The only problem is that many people think that prayer is a substitute for hardwork and prudence. It’s not. One needs to work hard while praying for increase.

The results of prayer will always astound the most doubting of skeptics. I read ‘Student’s Companion’ as a little boy. Though the book overall was interesting, my most fascinating discovery in it was this line, “He that ceases to pray, ceases to prosper”. The rule is simple, “Pray or languish”. Yes, there is no doubt that life is rife with challenges, but common sense will always tell you to hand over your battles to God who can change the most difficult situations to your favour, whether they are career related or not.

I believe the above steps, if judiciously taken, can help turn your working week around and break the curse of drudgery. It’s now up to you to choose to make a change or remain in the stagnant water called ‘status quo’.

Wishing you the best…

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