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Monday, October 27, 2014

Applying for a Government job? Read this...

Having set out to tackle the menace of unemployment on this blogging platform, I will be bringing handy information, as much as I can, that will lead to eradicating the problem. Graduates in the country have no business roaming the streets jobless and all hands must be on deck if we are to change the trend.
The article x-rays the need for 'transferable skills' to be conspicuous in a resume meant for a government job. Happy reading...

In these times of economic instability, nothing is more beneficial for most companies than to hire efficient people with a large set of varying skills. These people are those who are flexible and well-rounded to carry on and coordinate multiple tasks. Continue...

Government offices like private companies are on the lookout for these special types of employees. Because federal funds are restricted and limited, they would always make it a point to maximise and spend these funds on people who are worth the money and time of the organisation. They want someone who not just know the specific job, but someone who has the abilities and values to accomplish many types of duties and the knowledge necessary to realise different goals.

That being said, it is then very necessary that a resume for government jobs includes relevant and general abilities that are valuable across a multitude of jobs and industries. Unlike before when jobs are suggestively the same to develop specialisation and expertise, this time around, what most employers require are the existence of what we call “transferable skills.”

What are transferable skills?
Transferable skills are basically those acquired abilities that are beneficial and pertinent to a wide variety of jobs and industries. They may have been gained from previous employments, school, past trainings, or even from a personal experience at home or with friends. Among the most common examples of transferable skills are “self-motivation,” “communication,” “creativity,” “problem-solving skills,” “leadership,” “flexibility,” “time management,” and “customer service orientation.”

Transferable skills and their appeal to government offices
Besides the fact that most government institutions want to economise human resources through the employment of a well-rounded and highly skilled staff, these government bodies require exemplary-skilled applicants. These are the applicants who have strong rational and technical skills and likewise the expertise to communicate with others and work effectively with a group of people. Most especially that more than a hundred applicants battle for a single spot, there is nothing more effective than to evaluate people based on what they could do and what they could offer compared to other applicants.

Amplifying transferable skills in resume for government jobs
Though transferable skills are somewhat applicable in almost any type of jobs, applicants should still be wary of the particular skills that are best suited to a given profession. Basically, they need to check on the particular job opening, assess the skills and requirements needed in those open posts, and apply the greatest skills that best match the prerequisites.

For example, a person who is to apply as an account representative should not amplify merely his/her experience in clerical works or her background in administrative duties and computer activities. Instead, he/she should apply transferable skills and focus on magnifying her experience through the use of such qualities.

For instance, to intensify her experience in administrative duties, she may write about her customer service and interpersonal skills experienced, which were best applied to her involvement with a large variety of personalities and management levels. She may also boast of her effective time management skills as evidenced by the multiple tasks she was able to manage simultaneously on her previous employment.

To sum up, resume for government jobs no longer stands as a basic enumeration of all the jobs held within the last few years or so. What is more vital in today’s time is the edge of one applicant over another. For this, it is advised to apply necessary and relevant transferable skills on the resume and amplify them on each task accomplished for every employment.

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