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Friday, May 13, 2016

Dear Job Seeker...

How to overcome unemployment
I know you’ll tell me you are unemployed because there are no jobs or you have nothing much to offer. But I'm here to prove you wrong; you do have a whole lot to offer. If you eyes are opened to see the immense capabilities that lie untapped within you, you’ll literally jump out of your bed and run across the streets shouting “Eureka” “Eureka” just as Archimedes did.

This is not a talk about whether you graduated with 1st Class or a pass. A lot of movers and shakers of society today were school drop-outs, so let's not go there. I don't want to talk about paper certificate today. A secondary school leaver with vision, hard-work and dedication will achieve much more than a graduate who lacks foresight. 

The law of God, otherwise known as Seed-time and Harvest or Cause and Effect, doesn’t have respect for persons. The man that pays the required price to succeed goes home with ‘the trophy’: graduate or non-graduate. He/she that solves problems for others gets rewarded. And people simply become rich by solving problems for others daily. Look at the richest men in the world today, they had the foresight to know what the needs of humanity were and developed well-tailored products and services to meet them.

Right from the first Adam, man has been placed in his environment by God to solve inherent ‘problems’. Your street, road, community, have these problems or needs. Can you solve them? Your candid answer to this question can set the tone for your next breakthrough. A lot of people are frustrated today because they are not solving any problem for anybody. You need to observe the niggling challenges in your surroundings, address them and you’ll get rewarded: in cash or future opportunities.

When people need a chair in their homes for comfort or to entertain guests, what do they do? They turn to a carpenter, who would help give them what they need and get paid for it. When you are walking across the street and have an urgent call to make and there is no airtime in your phone, you go to a recharge card vendor. It's also obvious that the next thing that comes to your mind when your hair requires trimming is the barber’s shop, etc.

So you see, there are needs to be met everywhere. People are looking for solutions. Even big corporations employ people just to meet their needs, which is to satisfy their clients/customers. Look for the need in your surroundings that bothers you most, meet it and you can’t predict the world of opportunities that would open up to you.

What will people turn to you for? Life becomes a bunch of miseries if you are not meeting specific needs. People are looking for solution providers because human needs are growing every day. Look beyond your certificate, think of the problems you've been created to solve and begin solving them. The world is waiting to to celebrate your exploits.

See you at the top!


  1. Hi Obinna

    You are so right. There are so much nuggets everywhere. Every successful person knows the value of problems because it is in these problems that breakthrough come.

    Thank you for sharing your insight. Take Care

    1. Hello Ike,

      It's great to see your views on this. Yes, you said it rightly: for the successful, problems are breakthroughs in disguise. Thanks for your invaluable contribution. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Obinna, I have come to realize that on a general note, our problem is not getting a job, our ultimate aim is money. Nobody will remain in a job if his employer refuses to pay him. Robert Kiyosaki explains it better when he said "job is a short-term solution for a long-term problem.That long-term problem is our need for money. We will keep needing money till we die. Like you have rightly written, money comes legitimately only by one means, BY PROVIDING SOLUTIONS TO OTHER PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS. "You will get everything you want" said Zig Ziglar, "if only you can help enough other people to get what they want" I have about 3 post on my blog where I wrote exhaustively on this money/job issue. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Taiwo,

      Your observation is quite apt; man's ultimate aim is not just securing a job, but having enough money to meet his basic needs. Thanks for your feedback.