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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Seeking for a Raise? Raise the bar…

My boss used to say humourously that everybody wants a raise, including himself, in salary, position, and other things. But the easiest way to make a case for a raise is to prove that you’re worth more than what you are currently earning and that sometimes might involve going beyond your limit.

Zig Zigglar once told the story of a boy, who really worked hard for a raise and got the attention he needed. This is his story:

As a youngster working in a grocery store, I knew the young boy who worked in the store across the street. In those depression years, most stores, of financial necessity, carried a very limited inventory. Of course, this frequently led to shortages, and in these cases the merchants simply borrowed from one another. Continue...

Charlie Scott was the “runner” for the store across the street. I recall countless instances when Charlie would hit our front door at a dead run and sing out to the owner of our store, “Mr. Anderson, I need to borrow six cans of tomatoes!” Mr. Anderson always replied, “Well, go get ‘em, Charlie. You know where they are.” Charlie would dash back to the shelf, grab the items he was borrowing, quickly deposit them on the counter, scribble his name on the slip showing what he had gotten, and race off.

One day, I asked Mr. Anderson why Charlie Scott always ran everywhere he went. He replied that Charlie Scott was working for a raise, and he was going to get one. I then asked him how he knew Charlie was going to get a raise, and Mr. Anderson replied that if the man he was working for didn’t give him one, he would! The rest is history.

In whatever thing you do, there is an eye observing you who is capable of promoting you. If we take cognizance of this, we would do things differently. A lot of people are nonchalant in their disposition to their work; but how could you get promotion that way. Even when the amount you’re being paid is well below your worth, do not be ‘coerced’ to let the situation make you have a negative attitude towards your job.

Give the best to your work; continue to fan the ember of passion for what you do and in no distant time people won’t see you where they used to find you before. 

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