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Monday, November 24, 2014

Visibility matters a lot

The labour of a lazy man wearieth him because he doesn’t know how to take his work to the city. 
Ecclesiastics 10:15

Visibility is necessary in your quest to attract the opportunities that will announce you. This is because nobody knows what you do until you tell them, either in person or through the barrage of media channels scattered all over the place.

What do you think makes multinational establishments invest billions of dollars in advertising? Their success in business is determined by their ability to get the attention of their target audience. Your visibility is as important as your ability. Don’t assume that everybody knows what you do; the people that God will use as a connecting link to the next level you’re dreaming of might not even know you exist.

Take your work samples, talents, CVs prayerfully to where people can see them and take cognizance of what you have on board. Please don’t go and hide in one village expecting a turnaround overnight. One of the best advices I got from people that inspired me is the phrase “Venture out”. Failure to venture out will make things remain as they have always been. This is because everything we see today moving around the world is made to happen by someone. There is no accidental success.

The following are some of the importance of making your business, talents or abilities visible: 

1. Creation of opportunities for people to know more about you. In a society like ours where people go about their businesses, the interest of others are secondary. So to make headway, projecting your ‘brand’ becomes paramount. 

2. Attracting people of like-mind, who would identify with your cause, and give the necessary support. Birds of a feather, they say, flock together. 

3. Future opportunities. Some people you meet now may not need what you are offering immediately, but will do so in the future. It is wisdom to tell people what you do whether they need it now or not. This has in times past worked wonders for me. Occasionally, I intentionally take my arts to people just to show them what I do. And whenever they need a portrait the first person that likely comes to their mind would be me :) It is easier for you to 'book' future opportunities via this means. 

It is a miserable life for one to be loaded with so much promising talents and yet go unrecognized. The stark truth is that when your talents go unrecognized you go unrewarded. Take it upon yourself to let the world know what you do. Many will say ‘No’ to you, in fact you will get 'Nos' in tonnes, but you need a strong resolve to wade through all the ‘Nos’ till you get a ‘Yes’.

Some people are looking for a ‘world stage' to begin, but will wait ‘forever’. Start... even if it means starting from your backyard. You can begin networking with people in your small circles by word of mouth and the social media. 

Talking about the social media, many people have failed to leverage the opportunities that abound in the aforementioned, especially Facebook. Sometimes I laugh when I see things that people do on FB. Everybody has the right to live their life as they want, but spending your time on things that don’t add value to you is a call for disaster. 

Let the world know what you do, create a blog, a website, a business card, introduce yourself discreetly to people at events; do all you can to get the attention of your destiny helpers because the journey to the top requires being seen first before being asked ‘What can you do?’ 

In conclusion, our major challenge at times in attracting the opportunities we desire in life is not lack of ability but that of visibility. So start today, pen down 5 strategic things you will start doing that will help move you from obscurity to being caught by opportunities.

See you at the top!

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