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Monday, December 22, 2014

Built to Last

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Integrity is a foundation like no other. Bribery and corruption can only flourish for a while. It's quite funny that a lot of people in their quest to make it by all means have been blinded to the truth.I challenge young people to stand for something in life. Stand up for the truth. Rule benders eventually end up being bent. That everybody you know does the wrong thing is not enough reason to follow suit. You can make a difference.

A lot of people have given bad name to our country; that doesn't mean everyone of us is corrupt. One scary thing about this is that if the few who are not corrupt fail to do something about the situation, people will be dissuaded to think that it's a norm to join the bandwagon of liars, bribe givers and takers, men who cannot keep their words.

I was in a meeting where an ambassador of a country talked about how wonderful our country is: the hospitality, rich human and natural resources, etc. But at the end of his glowing 'tribute' he had one more thing to say: "Fraudsters have become a dent on your image abroad". That statement nudged me to thinking about the issue of 'Yahoo' 'Yahoo' and Nigeria's image abroad. If these young men can divest their 'technical know-how', which they use in duping unsuspecting members of the public, into a meaningful venture, society would celebrate them; instead of the abhorrence they currently receive.

Some business men are even worse in this trade of 'deceiving themselves'. They may not sit in front of their laptops to make fictitious claims, their tools are sugar-coated words. It is appalling to promise your customers one thing in a product and give them another. Many of these customers will go never to return because you have sold your trust for immediate gratification. People that go far in life think  deeply on how their actions today weigh on their tomorrow.

How about employers who demand money and sex for job. Imagine the ordeal an average job seeker on the street has to pass through in securing a meaningful source of livelihood. Many ladies have failed to get jobs they were well qualified for just because they refused to yield to ludicrous demands of good-for-nothing employers, whose laps have become gateways to office positions. Rather keep searching and believing God to give you your desired post, than give in to these unscrupulous elements. Who knows what they would demand next after giving you the job.

It's high time we looked ourselves in the eye, face-to-face and tell ourselves the truth. Nobody will come from 'elsewhere' to effect the changes we desire. The onus is on us to rise as a people and restate our determination to do away with all negative practices that have led us no where but backward.

The foundation that will last is one that is built on integrity, vision, dedication to excellence. A house built on the rock is guaranteed a firm standing, even in the midst of turbulence, while the one that is built on mere sand (deception, bribery and corruption) is an accident waiting to occur.

For every job seeker out there who seems to have lost hope, I beg you not to despair. Though the year 2014 is gracefully exiting the stage, all hope is not lost; people do get jobs even on holidays. All you need is steadfast grit and unwavering belief that God will your crown your efforts with fulfillment these remaining days. The best is still to come.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2015 in advance...

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