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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Genius is 99 percent perspiration

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There is no doubt that our quest to fulfill our potentials and dreams requires doggedness and determination to see the light of the day. Anybody who promises that it’s going to be easy is not telling you the whole truth. But the encouraging word is that if others have attained higher heights in life before, we too can. We are so formidable that nothing can really stop us, excerpt ourselves (which usually happens via mediocre thinking). God is on our side, we’ve got wonderful talents and the strength to pursue our vision.

Michael Jordan at the beginning of his career was like any other basketballer out there, but one thing distinguished him from the rest of the pack: he groomed himself to be a champion. He discovered earlier enough that talent was not enough in achieving his dream. I like what he said, “I’m not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat.” He sweated to have a taste of what if it feels like to be a champion. And his training routine marveled a lot of folks; little wonder after his retirement people are still talking about Michael Jordan.

A lot of us have good ideas of what we want to do with our lives, but doing it is the actual problem. Between getting an inspiration and successful accomplishments lays tons of work to be done. Millions of inspiration without perspiration leaves one on the same spot for a long time, especially on the lane called ‘Average’. An important lesson I’ve taken from stars over the years is their habits when they’re not in the public. They don't joke with their ‘behind-the-scenes’.

The routines you observe when all eyes are not on you will definitely spill out onto your day-to-day performance. Effective preparation  is the key to outstanding performance in any field. I’ve seen quite a couple of behind-the-scene clips of some blockbuster movies; you cannot help but appreciate the amount of efforts the producers, directors, actors/actresses and other crew members put into the making of these movies. The viewers only see the finished work and shout, ‘Oh! What a movie’. But it wouldn’t have been a great movie if the producers did a shoddy job behind the scene. The gym is not a convenient place to be, but that's where Champions are made.

A student that will shine on the day of examination must learn how to burn his/her midnight candles or get ready to bear the brunt of ‘counting the ceilings’. The efforts we put into any venture usually come back to us in like manner in the results we get. To reap sumptuous fruits in due season, one must learn to sow the right seeds, even when it’s not convenient.

Ideas come into fruition when backed up with actionable plans and proper execution. All other efforts remain in the peripheral realm, execution is what matters most. A beautiful work of art usually takes hours to produce. However, the joy and gains of the finishing the masterpiece surpasses the pains an artist had to endure while performing the drawing task. Talking from experience :-)

I will conclude with this: a story was once told of Thomas Alva Edison, who could not make headway on his storage battery experiments after about 10,000 massive attempts and yet kept pushing until something happened. He eventually achieved his objective. When asked about his initial failure to get it right with the experiments, he merely said ‘I only discovered 10,000 times how it couldn’t work’.

Don’t be afraid of failing because it is not failure until you give up. Doggedness, dedication, refusal to cut corners and faith in God will get the job done for you. The question is "Are you ready to pay the price?"

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