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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Job Security vs. Employment Security

Difference between job security and employment security

Job security involves knowing that you will retain employment for a specific company during a certain amount of time. This was once an assumption by most people. They were hired by a company to do a specific job and as long as that company was in business they were guaranteed a job. Because of the number of layoffs that occur annually it is almost a fact that most people cannot rely on such a thing as job security any longer.

Employment security does not involve staying with one company for a long period of time. It actually doesn’t even mean being employed for any period of time. Employment security is defined as being employable after losing a job. This means that you have the skills needed so that you can find a job, during any economy, with undue stress.

You may ask which is better. Is it better to have job security or employment security?  In short, the latter creates a much more plausible way to live. Who wants to specialize in something that becomes unnecessary without the possibility of being employable in case of company layoffs? Besides, have you ever sat down and weighed jobs and income with relation to job security? There are generations of people in the world that spent 20+ years at their job whose pay only increased because of a cost-of-living raise.

Having the skills that are necessary for a variety of jobs will help increase your income potential and help protect you from the worry about company layoffs. The fear of going to work every day knowing that your job security is no longer your safety net can be nerve-wracking and create a huge amount of stress in your life. Employment security allows you to view layoffs as the closing of one door and the opening of another. It is just one more step in your journey to the right career and to becoming fearless in the work place.

The fearlessness that comes with employment security rather than job security allows you to relax with the fact that you can spend any number of years in one occupation while acquiring the skills you need to move on when the time is right. No need to be tied down in your hunt according to what jobs and income are available. Create your own destiny with employment security.


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