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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Your Dignity Is In Your Work

Inspirational quote by Rockefeller

A man’s dignity lies in the work of his hands. In this part of the world, the next thing friends and folks ask after inquiring about your family is, "How work na?" meaning "How are you faring on your job. It is a taboo to be idle using unemployment as an excuse. 

I remember when I left school and was without an official job, people would ask, "Obi, how work na?" and I would enthusiastically respond, "Work is booming, thank God for His mercies". This was even when I used the bedroom as my studio, with low patronage for my arts. I went out and hustled to get people to commission their portraits and would ‘sneak’ back into the quietude of my sleeping apartment to design and distribute the commissioned works.

Don't wait till you wear suit and tie before you consider yourself as being employed, you might wait forever. It is more dignified to be selling ‘ahu-ekere’ (groundnut), having something to point at as your means of livelihood than living on the alibi of joblessness explaining away why you have remained the way you are. Life is not fair in most cases some people might say; we all know that – it’s now a cliche. Some were born more privileged than the others; but it will be a personal tragedy if you choose not to give the task of securing a meaningful means of livelihood all the efforts required. 

When anybody comes to me for advice on how to break the barrier of unemployment, I would ask him/her, “What can you do effortlessly that people appreciate you for? Start with it and build a business around it” If can dare to build a business around your passion, it won’t be long before you start reaping the dividends. I see myself as one that cannot be unemployed forever, have left that realm because I dared to make a business out of my passion, you too can leave the realm of unemployment if you would simply look inward and take cognizance of the packages that God imbued you with at birth.

No one came empty into the world, we all came loaded. The difference is while others are busy making most of themselves and their innate abilities, vast majority of people give up on their endowments after few trials. Success in the race of life is not for the chicken-hearted, it requires lots of grit. You need to look at the mirror and tell yourself, “If others are making it, I too can”.

It shall be well with Nigeria on the issue of employment as we continue to pray that God will prosper our dear country and give policymakers the wisdom to improve the lots of the masses, especially unemployed youths. May the forthcoming general election create the platform for those who have the good of the people at heart to assume office. 

Fellow youth, as I round off on this , I will urge you to vote wisely, vote for those that have taken urgent steps before to eradicate unemployment and other menace in the land and not those making empty promises.

See you at the top!

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