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Friday, April 24, 2015

3 Things You Should Do As You Grow Older...

Wow! It's been ages since I blogged last, had a lot of projects to execute which took me away from the spotlight for a while. However, hope you relished reading my previous posts and sharing with friends. I'll do my best to strike a balance, probably once in a while.  Hope this write-up inspires you to make the most of your time and career.

Have you noticed that by the time people

retire, they are already too broke to meet

basic day to day expenses?

5years to retirement, a lot of people sudden

grow 10years older seemingly overnight because
they cannot handle the stress of the incoming
retirement AND they wonder what will happen
when the monthly salary stops coming.

This is a serious phenomenon and

one you should wake up to because it should
not be so..

The problem is that the system is configured to

make it so. Here is how it works..

* You work 30 days

* You get a salary
* In the course of the 30 days, you have
  already accumulated bills
* Then you spend the salary to settle
   the 'settleables' & you wait for another salary
* You repeat the process for 30 years and..

..that is just about how it happens.

In my humble opinion, it should not work this
way and you can reverse the process.

3 Things You Should Do As You Grow Older...


1. Move away from subsistence thinking

This is our main problem in Africa. We think, act

& are from generation to generation wired for

We work, get some resources, spend the resources

(most times waste it), then we start again.

If this describes you, STOP and reverse the

process. If not, 15, 30, 35years from today, you
will remember this writing.

Start thinking beyond today and see tomorrow

today. This is pivotal

2. Actively create new streams of income

Just one stream of income is dangerous. I am

a business person and I know what I am saying.

If all you have is just one source of income,

there is fire on the mountain. Run, run, run..

I tell you a story. A man I know was working

with a great firm in Lagos. Well paid, happy
family, everything going good and smooth
until SUDDENLY, it happened.

Yeah, yeah. You are all too familiar with stories

like this. He got laid off but his story was
different. He was smart..

In the years of plenty, he had built 2 houses,

had a few part-time businesses running, was
invested in the capital market etc

When he got laid off, he just went home,

took time off, lived off the rent from his
buildings until he was ready to move on with
his life.

Build extra income sources. Even if its just

one or two. Have something else going..

3. Expand your scope & capacity

The problem is that we stop learning when we

get our educational degrees.

Except you work in a place that is actively

involved in the capacity development of the
staff (which you probably engage in as a
necessity or grudgingly), you have probably
never attended a course, hands on training,
or read a book in the years since you left

As you grow older, you will discover you need

to keep in touch more than ever before because
every generation (10years), something changes
and because of that change EVERYTHING else

Who would have thought we will use phones

with swipe capabilities, at this affordable costs
15years ago? And TVs that hang on the wall ?
I was privilledged to have seen cathode ray tube
TV and those TVs that have legs in a cupboard..

Today they are gone and each change redefines

wealth. So, you need to continually expand your

You just MUST and you need to do this even

outside your primary course or direction because
you just never know what might give you the next

Take action & start these 3 steps NOW. It doesn't

require any cost. It is just a shift in mental attitude
but the results can be astounding.

Courtesy: Hulk Estate

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