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Friday, October 30, 2015

5 Ways to Beat the Unemployment Trap

One of the niggling challenges in Nigeria today is the rate of unemployment among the teeming youth population. I wouldn’t want to delve into statistics and percentages here, but the truth is millions are roaming the streets without meaningful sources of livelihood.

This challenge has been with us for long and the question lurking in the hearts of many is, “What should I do to beat the unemployment trap?” I have listed five steps that can help you in your quest, the list is by no means exhaustive:

1. Start a small business 
Starting your own thing is one of the surest means of exiting the unemployment lane. If you look around, business opportunities abound that you can maximize. Yes, they are beckoning for your attention. Can you see them? Many are still trapped in the jobless triangle because they want to start their businesses from the moon. There’s nothing wrong in thinking big, but you need to start from somewhere. Start small because big structures are built from the foundation. Your starting small today is a seed for tomorrow’s greatness. Why not try door-to-door sales, a home-based business, offering tutorial services, etc; the opportunities are limitless and you can utilize them.

2. Apply within
A lot of job vacancies these days are not advertised to members of the public. Some companies choose to have alternate means of recruiting instead of using the traditional media. So the onus is on you to take a leap of faith and ‘spy’ out the various job openings corporations are not willing to bring to public view.  Don’t be ashamed to do this, many have secured their jobs via this means. There is nothing wrong in asking questions and making inquiries about openings if you want to work in a particular company. You can also network with friends to inform you when their organisations are about to recruit.

3. Seek for Internship
I got my first official job through an internship programme. This gives you the opportunity to prove your mettle. No responsible employer will let the opportunity to work with you slip through their fingers when you’ve shown them the value you can add to their businesses. Every manager wants a quality workforce. Even if you end up not working where you served as an intern, their recommendation can get you a good job.

4. Repackage your CV
Hiring managers and recruiters alike are looking for resumes that stand out. Poorly written CVs minimize your chances of securing a job. Remember thousands are jostling for the same jobs you’re interested in, so you need to give yourself an edge by properly packaging ‘what you are bringing to the table’. You can outsource the task of preparing your CV if you cannot do it yourself. Some companies charge a token to give your resume a professional look.

5. Break away from low self-esteem
You are a brand and only well arrayed brands win the best deals. Package yourself in a way to look employable. Suits, shoes and ties that will make you look elegant and ready for work needn’t be costly. You should do everything within you to present a brand that elicits interest from employers. Do not yield to the temptation to appear “beggy”. Dispel from your mind the attitude that make you appear as if you are begging your prospective employers for a job. Your comportment should send a signal that you are a value adder and the one for the job.

There is no challenge in life that cannot be surmounted, and unemployment is not an exception; brace yourself up for opportunities as you apply these tips. I look forward to your success story. God bless.

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