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Monday, November 23, 2015

Killing time is suicide!

Each of us on earth is given 24 hours daily by God to make something out of our lives. None is given more than the other. And the difference between achievers and non-achievers is how they spend their time. You can convert your time to anything, a meaningful relationship, a booming business, strong prayer life, a university degree, the list is endless. 

My four years (time) at UNIZIK produced a BSc in Mass Communication. Segun emerged a doctor after spending 7 years studying medicine. Lionel Messi spent time 'toying' with balls right from his  tender age and today has metamorphosed into one of the best footballers in history to grace the round leather game. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people have paid dearly for violating the principle of effective time management. Life is fashioned by the Creator in such a way that everything we see is governed by principles. I won't dissect the different principles now; however, our lives reflect how we spend our time. 

Are you spending your time just catching fun today while others are busy developing themselves? Tomorrow will tell. Most people moan about how time flies, yet they forget they are the pilot. You can channel your life towards a worthy cause, you can make impact in society and make a difference, all with the time you are allotted.

The rich spend money to save time while the poor spend time to save money. What best way do I illustrate this than using the transportation business:a journey from Lagos to Owerri will take you about 8 hours and costs N5,000, while the same by flight will take you only 1hour 5minutes and costs about N40,000. That is extra 6 hours 55 minutes to spare.

If you have your way which of the above would you prefer: spend money, save time or save money, spend time? This is a question you have to give a candid response even if you are not in a position to fork out 40k for a flight ticket. 

Real transformation begins from our thinking, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. You need to start thinking of how to make judicious use of your time and start now. Remember, you can always make more money, but you cannot create more time; time is elastic.

Things to note about time management: 

1. Setting goals gives you a clear direction of where you are going and helps you to have focus, thus maximizing your time and resources.

2. Killing time is not murder, it is suicide. We've heard often times people saying something like, "I'm doing this to kill time." Don't be a victim of that delusion. 

3. When it comes to your time, put first things first. Identify and eliminate all time-consuming elements. There are things you know that add little or no value to your all-round development, why not consider quitting them. They are stumbling blocks.

4. Beware of friends who don't have respect for your time nor regard punctuality. These people are habitually late to anything. This negative habit is infectious. Birds of same feathers, you know. 

4. Think again whether the activity you are engaged in is worth your time, if not begin to make plans on how to effect changes. Anything that doesn't take you forward, invariably takes you backward. Your time is at stake.

5. Read good books on time management. There are 1001 books out there where you can learn the culture of effective time management. 

It is self deception to think you have enough time to do whatever you want. Time is flying, we all know that. There is no better time to start 'living' than now. Your overall success, happiness and fulfillment in life are dependent on how you spend your time. 

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