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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Opportunities Come Dressed In Overalls

Opportunities come clothed in overalls. Many have been misled looking for her in the wrong places: get-rich-quick schemes and something for nothing delusions. Opportunity has been sought in lofty places, only to be bypassed on the streets because she didn’t dress like her majesty. The fortunes you are looking for are disguised as problems; can you see them, solve them and take home the prize?

A story was once told of two people who visited an impoverished country. They saw the local populace moving about barefooted because they knew not what it meant to wear sandals even in hot sun. One of the tourists’ creative reasoning swung into action; he saw an opportunity to meet a need, while his non-observant friend merely saw a group of pitiable and hapless people. 

The one, who saw opportunity dressed in ignorance and squalor, began to produce low cost sandals for the locals and eventually made a huge fortune out of it while his friend got nothing. What is the difference between two? One saw an opportunity and maximized it; the other only saw funny-looking people. 

Sages over the ages have emphasized diligence as one of the core wheels that drive productivity and great attainments. It took hard work with a mix of creativity to build modern civilization. Men of great accomplishments whom we see and celebrate today are men who refused to give themselves to apathy and indolence. They gave themselves wholeheartedly to work and today they are celebrated.

There is more hope for a youth without visible talents than one bereft of diligence. If you must be a force to be reckoned with in any field of endeavor, you must embrace hard work as a way of life. Dr David Oyedepo, a man I so much respect, once said that he worked 16 hours daily. Little wonder he is causing a lot of waves within and without the nation. 

Anointing is not a substitute for hard work, nor your giftings. The grave is filled with gifted people who failed to give expression to their ‘mighty’ gifts due to apathy and sheer laziness. My artistic ability would have been worth nothing, if I had decided not to give it expression. The equation to unlocking the world of opportunities is talents + hard work.

Remember, you’ve got only one shot at life. Are you going to give life your best shot or do you want to be among the millions dilly-dallying through life with no major objective? Discover the reason for your existence and get down to work until it becomes a reality. 

What’s the essence of the songs you carry inside if the world cannot hear them? What are the books in you for, if no one has read them? You’re thinking of becoming a motivational speaker? Go out there, motivate your neighbour who is about to give up on life, soon you will begin speaking to the world.

Your potentials are crying out for expression, you can’t afford to keep bottling them up. God did not give you those abilities for decoration. They are there to solve the problems of mankind. And it takes hard work, a little more diligence to unleash them to quench the thirst of a world in need of help.

I will conclude with this quote by Colin Powell, “A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” 

Have a great day!

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