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Friday, November 27, 2015

Reading makes a man

Knowledge, they say, is power. Put in a better way, applied knowledge is power. And it takes reading to explore the vast body of knowledge around us today.

When was the last time you finished a 250 page book?
Do you know that lack of reading could be the major reason why you are still stuck where you are?

You need to take responsibility and begin by walking into the nearest book store, pick a good book, read and improve yourself. In this highly technical age, a bookstore is just a click away.

Your phones, iPads and tablets are walking bookstores. You can download priceless resources as much as you want, even free copies. Thank God for and others.

You see we have no reason whatsoever not to read. Your reading not only improves you, it tells on your posterity.

What are your favorite books? Feel free to share them with us...

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