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Monday, December 14, 2015

Woman gives birth to a baby girl after 17 years of barrenness

A certain woman was married for about 17 years without an issue. Beaten, battered and perplexed by her marital ordeal, she decided to seek divine intervention. 

In the course of her search, somebody advised her to attend Shiloh, an annual event organised by the Living Faith Church. At the program she caught a word that inspired her faith. 

To put this to work, she began calling things that be not as if they were. She called the unborn child by name, "Baby Flourish, it's time to take your bath" and would start bathing an imaginary baby, one she had not yet seen. 

At another time, she would say something like, " Baby, oya it's time to sleep, don't disturb mummy, okay". This she did over a period of time, believing God would answer her prayer; it wasn't long she took in, and nine months after, delivered a beautiful baby girl. Her emotion knew no bounds as she lifted the baby before the congregation during her testimony. 

The dramatic thing was, she said she wasn't aware of the pregnancy until she started feeling "funny" and had to see her doctor. Her case defied medical science. 

This is a true life story, which buttresses the point that there is no impossible situation with God. The only problem is man's inability to believe. Let your faith be in place and it won't be long before you experience a turnaround. Jesus said something, "If you believe,you will see the glory of God". 

You may not be looking for a baby, it could be a job; no matter what it is, believe your case is not closed. Put your faith to work this week... Stay inspired! 

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