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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

There is nothing in the world you cannot be

There is nothing in the world you cannot be if you believe. We were meant to fly, not crawl through life sulking and begging as if that's all there is. 

Most of our limitations in life are self-inflicted. So it's time you shake them off! Dump those limiting thoughts in the dumpster. Say your prayers in morning, believe the good Lord has given you the things you asked. Move out in faith, make life happen. 

No wishing and wasting. Let the king in you take charge, let the king in you speak. Relegate to the background every timid, sulking and fearful thought. They might have whispered to you, "Hey, you are not good, qualified, or beautiful enough for that position, but I tell you, If there is anyone qualified for the job, you are the one. 

So approach the interview with great confidence and coolness that will baffle the most skeptic of minds. Same goes for you submitting a business proposal, writing an exam or asking for a raise, go like the child of the King. 

Impress it upon your mind that you cannot fail, you've got to tell yourself that. Success is not final, failure is not an fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. No matter what happens, never run out of faith. I look forward to your success story.

You can choose to ignore this or empower someone by sharing it. All the same, stay blessed. 

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