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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Think Big, Start Small, Grow Fast

Inspirational start-up story by a young Nigerian entrepreneur
Jephter Akaehie
One thing I tell people is this, where you start is not as important as where you are going. You can start from a "mushroom" today and dine with kings tomorrow. So don't be discouraged by your small beginning, your God-given potentials are way beyond what people are seeing now.

Today I bring you the success story of a young Nigerian, Jephter Akaehie, who defied discouragement during his days of little beginning and today is an inspiration to many. Read his experience below...
Young people often ask me how I started my various businesses and all I say is “think big, start small, grow fast.”
It will amaze you to know that I started my first business with just N3860 in Owerri in 2007. I started an international student recruitment company called MACONVIC TRAVELS INTERNATIONAL (you can Google to find out more) which grew from a company recruiting students for foreign universities to a company with client base in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, etc.
When the idea came, there was no much money to build it into the business I desired but steps after steps, we kept growing. 
The first 6 months of the business, I was the company secretary, manager, marketer and everything you can think of. I printed my first (one color flyer) with the N3860 I talked about and I was walking around the whole of Owerri (especially where rich parents and youths go) sharing these flyers until people started responding. 

I remember one day I was sharing flyers at Imo Transport Company and one beautiful girl in the bus I shared flyers picked interest and started asking so many questions and I told her to call the company for more details and she quickly dialed the number there only for my phone to start vibrating in my pocket. I told her I have to go now so I can share to others and I quickly disappeared and hid somewhere and answered her call. 

If you keep waiting for the right time to get married, start a business or do anything, that time may never come. The right time is now. 

Look for human problems and solve them and money will follow you. 

Money does not follow dreamers or those who chase after it but those who solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.