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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

5 Daily Habits That Will Enhance Your Productivity

5 daily inspirational habits that will enhance your productivity
Each of us has 24-hours daily to make our mark. The habits we formulate are always visible in the results we attain each passing day. In this piece, we will be looking at "5 Daily Habits That Will Enhance Your Productivity". The list is by no means exhaustive.

1. Setting goals for each day 
A rudderless life, one without clear-cut direction usually ends up in undesirable places. “If you don’t know where you are going, everywhere will look like it” is a statement that holds water. Having vision for the day and channeling it towards your endeavours will increase your productivity beyond your imagination, unlike when you don't set any goal. I learnt the importance of having a “To-do list” from John C. Maxwell and discovered that such helps one to remain focused, even in the midst of noises that fly overhead. Pick a pen and paper and jot down things you intend to accomplish in a given day and they will serve as a compass leading you to a productive day.

2. Punctuality
No one wants to assign a task to a person who doesn’t keep to time. Punctuality is the first sign that shows whether you will make the most of the day or spend it playing catch-up with time. Punctuality, they say, is the soul of business. The idea of African time or whatever they may call it is a liability and a cog in the wheel of progress. Unfortunately, that is the reason many people are still backward today. Stick to time, show up and perform your tasks when you should and watch your impact in the day soar.

3. Reading books, listening to tapes and other motivational materials on the go
Many of us are not strangers to traffic jam on our way to work, even while coming back, every day. For example, in Lagos where I work you can be stuck in traffic for hours unending. However, this huge amount of time spent on traffic on a daily basis can be converted to an avenue to boost your productivity. The hours you spend on traffic can be turned to a mobile university where you leverage the opportunity to increase your knowledge base. 

4. Eliminating distractions
Distractive tendencies abound that can make your day less productive. A lot of junks are sticking out their heads almost from all angles looking for whom to take 'captive'. If you allow them they will scupper your chances of having a fulfilled day. The social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), for instance, can be wonderful tools in enhancing one’s productivity and at the same time can kill off productivity. Addiction to the aforementioned can be quite debilitating; a lot of folks can spend hours on them daily and yet cannot point to any improvement the use of these special media has brought to their lives. Please don't be one of such people because anything that is not adding to your resourcefulness is inadvertently taking away from it. Eliminate distractions.

5. Connecting to your Source 
This might sound weird to some people, many are yet to realize the importance of prayer and getting close to God. The essence of prayer may be a discourse for another day, but I have realized that a strong prayer life visibly impacts positively on one's productivity. Talking from experience, feelings of emptiness usually shrouds days I'd gone without much prayer. You may want to try it, my secret for winning is: pray, plan and work. This triumvirate is an essential key to productive living. 

Whatever you do, wherever you find yourself, you owe yourself a duty to strive for excellency, cultivating these habits will in no small measure boost your productivity. See you at the top!

Feel free to share with us in the comments some of the habits you think can enhance one's productivity.