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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Never Lose An Ounce of Enthusiasm!

Inspirational quote on the importance of persistence in achieving success
A lot have been said and written about Olajumoke, the bread seller turned model. But may I ask, what brought Olajumoke fame and fortune in a short while that globally acclaimed media houses like CNN, Huffington Post, The Independent are talking about her? Agege bread + zeal to support her family. And don't forget the favour of God. However, that favour would have eluded her, if she had chosen to stay at home doing nothing that day.

No matter how bad your situation is today, there are people experiencing worse stuffs. So you've got to tell yourself, "being negative about my condition will never bring solution; quitting is not an option." 

Imagine you are a businessman and because there are no customers coming to patronise you, you decide to lock up shop the next day and stay at home. That will be foolhardy. Don't be surprised the day you decide to lock up shop is the day somebody who will strike a business deal that can change your status will be in town.

As long as you have breath in you, every other thing is a bonus. Thank God for where you are, but for you to get to your next level, you must never lose an ounce of enthusiasm. You must never stop pushing until something positive happens. 

It's normal to encounter situations that might make one quit, but is giving up an option? No. It's an abnormality for champions to give up. And you are a champion. You have what it takes to win.

Have a great weekend!

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