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Friday, February 12, 2016

The story of the young boy that was buried alive and yet survived

Inspirational story filled with important life lessons
Many years ago in the land of Umuaka, an event occurred which shook the community to its very foundation.

A young boy came back from school and was about to pull off his 'uniform' when his stepmother summoned him to go pluck coconut from her tree nearby. The boy relented since he just came back from school, but the woman insisted he must go get the coconut. At last the boy accepted to go, not knowing that the woman had an ulterior motive.

As he climbed the coconut tree, the wicked step-mum raised alarm, “Thief!” “Thief!” “Thief!” This attracted the attention of the villagers who apprehended the boy. She accused the boy of climbing the tree without her permission. And in that community there was a decree that anyone caught stealing would be buried alive. The matter was brought before the village priest, who affirmed that the sentence must be executed; thus sealing the boy’s fate.

The villagers took no time in burying alive the innocent boy, in spite of numerous pleas by his mother to spare him. The stepmother’s murderous envy stemmed from the fact that the boy would one day inherit the family’s properties since she had no male child of her own. 

While these were going on, they never knew God had another plan. It wasn’t long after the little boy was buried in the earth that the sky turned dark and became thick with cloud. Suddenly, there was a thunderstorm, which struck where the innocent boy was buried and brought him out alive and next the thunder struck dead the wicked stepmother. The village priest who presided over the unfair verdict slept and never woke up the following day. 

Getting envious about other people's progress, whether colleagues in the office, friends or neighbours, is like one digging his/her own grave. Some may call it karma, retribution, cause and effect or what have you; a man will always get a fair share of his contribution in this life, whether positive or negative. You help others succeed, you succeed too; you bring others down, down you go too. Let's learn to appreciate good things in others.

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  1. A good moral lesson to learn in this story. The evil that men do will live after them.

  2. Well said, Kufre. A man will reap what he has sown.