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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to create the future you desire

Where you start from is not as important as the attitude you start with. You are made for the big stage, but don’t get it twisted, you need to start small and work yourself up the ladder. The bane of today's youths is the lure of overnight success. However, real success requires a process, just as every great building begins with a foundation before reaching the superstructure.

Start laying a solid foundation for the future you desire by doing things average people take for granted. You need to set clear goals of what you want to achieve, maintain a low profile and work doggedly until you make your mark. Where you are currently and what you have are enough for you to set out and conquer your fears and become who you were destined to be.

Abraham Lincoln started his journey from a log cabin and rose to become one of the best presidents ever produced in America. It was documented that he failed in business, lost his Sweetheart, had nervous breakdown and was defeated twice in his bid to become a US senator. This barrage of challenges could have made any faint heart to give up on life, but Lincoln was not to be found in the company of such men. He persisted until success arrived.

Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the erstwhile President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, started life from the lowly riverine community of Otuoke in Bayelsa State. He once stated that his parents were so poor that they couldn’t afford to buy him a pair of shoes for school. Yet he beat all the odds to become the president of the most populous black nation on earth.

You may have heard of Archbishop Benson Idahosa; the parents once dumped him at a dump-site for often falling sick as a child, thinking he would become an invalid the rest of his life. In spite of his 'not-so-good' beginning, this great revivalist shook nations for God. Millions had their lives transformed because he was here.

Muyika Mubarak was orphaned at the age of 11. He overcame the dream shattering ordeal to set up his own company in Kenya at a very young age and became a millionaire by the time he turned 20. You can read his full story here. `

You can be born in a log cabin, walk your way to school without shoes or even be dumped in a dump-site by loved ones and still fulfill your destiny. You need to have faith and engage in consistent actions, working diligently towards becoming the great man or woman God created you to be. Always have before you a clear picture of the person you want to be. If you can believe it, think long enough on it and work towards it, impossibility will soon become nothing.

When I got admission to study Mass Communication at the university, I placed before me a perfect picture of the student I wanted to be and affirmed to myself that I would never fail a single course till I graduated. I braced up for the challenge, without any doubt if I would be able to ‘deliver’. Though the beginning was not rosy, I rose to overcome my early setbacks and graduated with the result I dreamt of.

It may not be within your power to choose where you were born or the circumstances you find yourself, but it’s all within your control to determine the outcome of your life. You can choose to sit down and bemoan your little beginning or stir the lion in you into action to make most of what you have at your disposal.

Remember, it’s not a crime to start small, but it’s a taboo to do nothing with “the small things” at your disposal. Do something with what you have, it may just be an abstract idea, and you will attract the help you require for expansion.

Over to you - what would you do with this? Be inspired to become the best you were meant to be by taking action today. If you would like to add your voice to this discussion, use the comment section below.

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    1. Thanks, Elder Oleghibe-Moore. I appreciate your engagement in reading the post and contributing as well.

  2. Hi Obinna

    Love this post so much and the bottom line is that we create our future. True that we can be faced with difficult challenges but it is the outcome that makes a difference.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Take Care

    1. Hi Ike,

      I'm so pleased to know you loved the post. Yes, you said it rightly, the future is determined by our actions today. Thanks for your valuable input.