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Thursday, April 21, 2016

How to deal with difficult situations

How to handle difficult situations - motivational article
Without doubt, life is rife with challenges. It will be foolhardy to deny the fact that challenges are real. However, why do some people overcome their predicaments while others are left struggling with theirs?
The other day I read the pathetic story of a man who felt so frustrated that he desired an end to all lives in the country, Nigeria. When I saw that story, I felt the surge of pessimism in the land. Government may have failed according to your judgment, but your destiny is not in their hands. Your destiny is in your own hands. You make of life what you want out of it.

Having a positive mentality towards life is not an option, it is a necessity, if you must rise above difficult times and achieve something meaningful with your life. There is no doubt you have greatness in you; it is just waiting to be stirred into life. Who knows whether you were born for such a time as this, to proffer solution to myriads of problems facing society today? Remember, champions are not made in the laxity of the comfort zone. Champions emerge in the heat of contests.

You’ll never know how strong you are until you have faced tough times and overcome them. So don’t pray for an easy life, pray for grace to pass the tests that may come your way. Life is like a college with series of tests lining each stage. You’ve got to unleash all the weapons in your arsenal to overcome them. And you know what? You have what it takes to win. It is in you to emerge victorious. Your family and loved ones are counting on you, the world needs to hear your story and be inspired. Would you make it happen? Or would you let them down? I’ll give you five keys to dealing with tough times:

#1. Choose to be positive no matter what. There is power in positive thinking that can make a man successfully sail through apparent difficult times. Have you not known some people who are just critical about almost everything, oozing out pessimism as if they would be given a trophy for that at the end of the day. Being pessimistic only compounds the problem. Show me two men with exact opposite thought patterns: one positive and the other negative and I wouldn’t need a prophet to decipher who between the two will be successful. No matter what happens, never lose hope and never doubt your God-given ability to accomplish great tasks.

#2. Analyze your current situation for possible adjustments. It’s high time you took a cursory look at what brought you to where you are presently. To make progress, you must reexamine what you are doing right now and the results you are getting. You may consider effecting changes to your mode of operation, if the results you get do not tally with your expectations. As a close observer of football matches, I realized that a coach adopts different tactical plans when he is not getting the right results from his players. For example, a mere shift in tactical formation by a coach in big matches, such as one involving Chelsea and Tottenham, could be the determining factor of the team that carries the day. Consider ringing changes, adopt a different tactical approach, if you are not getting the needed results. Remember, “In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of style, swim with the current”.

#3. Read biographies, let the stories of other great men inspire you. I like reading biographies, not because I want to write one, but because I want to expand my knowledge base and allow myself to be challenged by the great feats attained by men and women I admire. According to Sir Isaac Newton, you can only see far by standing on the shoulders of giants. There is no situation that you are facing today which someone has not faced before. People have faced similar situations, even ones that were worse and yet overcame them. Read their stories and be inspired. After all, there is nothing new under the sun. Reading biographies and autobiographies gives you the assurance that if someone somewhere could overcome life’s setbacks, you too can. I knew how reading Ben Carson’s stories spurred me to scale through my academic hurdles as an undergraduate. Give it a try and thank me later :)

#4. Explore the viability of prayer. Sincerely speaking, problems exist that cannot be tackled with mere human expertise no matter how hard you try. You have a Manufacturer who made you and understands the whole of your fabrics better than you do. Partnering with Him through fervent prayers can make you unstoppable. Advancement in technology can never take the place of prayer. The more sophisticated life becomes, the more we need God to direct our steps and maximize our potentials. Jesus said something that I want to quote here, “Without me you can do nothing”. This simply means you need the grace of God at every point of your journey to fulfill your purpose in life. Learn to hand over your challenges to God in prayer and see the wonders that will emanate from that.

Remember, tough times never last but tough people do. History will always have a place for the man and woman who refuse to be overwhelmed by difficult times and in the process hand over to generations unborn vital lessons. You have what it takes to be that man or that woman.


#5. Persist until you sing the victory song. Never let anyone tell you that something cannot be done. Keep demanding from life what you want until you get it. Keep seeking until you find what you are looking for. Keep knocking until doors of opportunities are opened wide for you. Of all the qualities known to be possessed by successful men and women we talk about today, persistence ranks among the top. Sometimes, life will not give you what you want without a fight. So give it all you've got. You must develop grit, that attitude that doesn’t take “No” for an answer; that attitude that burns all bridges behind, leaving no room for failure as an option. “I will persist until I succeed” is a mantra you should adopt. If you want a masterpiece out of life, you must have the persistence to work relentlessly each passing day until your desired goals are attained.

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