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Friday, April 29, 2016

Motivational Digest For This Week

Motivational quotes about life and desire to succeed

This is a roundup of all the motivational quotes making rounds across my social media handles this week. I'm pleased to know via the feedback I received that the quotes really inspired members of my target audience to become better people. It's amazing how fast people's lives change with the right words and motivation. Ponder over these quotes, I believe you will find them useful too.

Motivational quotes on the power of prayer

"If you have nowhere to go, no one to talk to about your problems, talk to God. He hears your heart beats"

Motivational quotes about life and the need for consolidation

"It's natural to crash land once you stop  doing what took you up."

Inspirational quotes to live by and thrive.

"You're yet to scratch the surface of what you are capable of."

Inspirational quote on contentment.

Motivational quotes about life and making impact.

"Seek not to be  recognized, go for impact. In your impact lies recognition and reward."

Inspirational quote on procrastination.

Inspirational quote on avoiding procrastination.

"Nothing steals great accomplishment like procrastination. It wouldn't event let you start them in the first place."

Motivational quotes on keeping your dream alive

"Keep your dreams away from scavengers."

Inspirational quote about faith in God.

"Weep not over closed doors, because when one door closes, God unlocks better doors."

Motivational quotes about taking charge of your life

"It may not be within your power to choose where you were born or the circumstances you find yourself, but it's all within your control to determine the outcome of your life."

"Better prepare and wait for your time, than meet opportunities unprepared."

Inspirational quotes on the power of positive thinking.

"Success must begin in the mind, you can't think like a peasant and emerge a king."

Motivational quotes about life and setting priorities right

"Focusing on the wrong stuffs, gets you the wrong stuffs. Set your priorities right."

Motivational quotes about creativity.

  Motivational quotes about life and the future.

"When haters remind you your past, show them your glorious future."

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  1. Hi Obinna,

    Good to visit your blog :)

    Loved this roundup with such amazing quotes! I didn't know you liked them as well, as I am a HUGE loved of quotes myself. Thanks for sharing them with us - they sure are inspiring ones indeed. Have a nice week ahead as well :)

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Thanks for visiting my blog once again :) I'm pleased to see your positive contribution. Do have a great week ahead.

  2. Hey Obinna,

    Great inspiring quotes. It only takes the right words to change someone negative perspective. Some days I can be lifted off my seat with motivation after reading a quote or the right post, do you find that?

    The quote that starts with, 'Seek not to be recognised' always reminds me to do any action for the right reason. Most of the time I nail this. When I don't I feel lousy - which reminds me to go back and do it for the right reason.


    1. Hi Rachel,

      You've captured in clear terms what one stands to gain by reading these motivational quotes. You know, right inspirational words in due season can lift a dampened soul. So I relate 100% to your views there. I'm really glad you found this interesting and inspiring too.

      Thanks and have a great day.