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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Brief Talk on Discovering Your Purpose

Motivational article on how to discover your purpose
Your fulfillment in life lies in discovering your purpose. Purpose is the reason for your being, why you were created. A lot of people merely trudge through life without caring to find out why God created them. No amount of money you acquire can make you happy, if you lack a sense of purpose. 

I once heard the story of a young man who was forced against his will to study medicine and become a medical doctor. For some years, he had an illustrious career as a medical doctor, yet was dissatisfied. He knew he wasn’t living his dream; he wanted to become a musician. 

One day, this disenchanted young man met his family and was weeping. They were surprised. “What could be the reason for his sorrow”, they wondered. It was then he opened up to let them know that all this while he had merely struggled to live his dad’s dream and not his own. Though he had money, he lacked fulfillment. 

How many of us have found ourselves in a similar situation. Nothing is more frustrating like living a life you were not designed for. Life makes little meaning without a sense of mission. Someone may ask, “How can I discover my purpose?” I have listed 3 proven means one can find his/her purpose in this write-up and they are (1) Talents (2) Passion (3) Revelation. 

Now let’s look at them one after the other. 

1. Talents: Your talents or flair are major pointers to your purpose in life. Certain things come naturally to us. We don’t struggle to showcase them. In most cases, we start manifesting these talents right from childhood. The great footballers of today started kicking balls when they were kids. Erudite scholars we have around us began showing a glimpse of what they possess when they were very young. Your predominant abilities indicate what your purpose in life is. The problem is some people have a faint knowledge of what their talents are. The cheapest way to discover your purpose is to observe and develop your gifts. It is your duty to make a discovery of these God-given talents and build your life around them. The truth is, you will find fulfillment doing what you were wired to do. 

2. Passion: Wow! Passionate people make the world go round :-) In case you don’t know what your natural talents are; you can discover your purpose by identifying things you have passion for. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t really point to what your talents are. A couple of people I asked didn’t know what their natural talents were; so you’re not alone in this. But you can find your purpose by earmarking things you truly hunger for. What are you passionate about? What needs in society are you longing to meet, if only you have the means to meet them? Yes, you can discover you purpose through your passion. Some great men and women that left indelible impression on the sands of time didn’t necessarily exhibit what we call traditional talents, but were able to toe the line of their passion. You will definitely find fulfillment doing what you are passionate about.

3. Revelation: This simply implies God showing you what your purpose is. Frankly speaking, the manufacturer of any product knows the best ways to optimize the use of such product. In the same vein, our Creator knows best what He created us for. Some people have relayed incidences of how they were able to discover their calling/purpose in life via divine revelation. If you don’t know what your purpose is and you are not naturally inclined to any talent, you can ask God to show you the reason for your existence.

Finding your purpose of existence and living it are of utmost importance, if you must experience fulfillment. The tragedy of life is living without a sense of mission and direction. Take ample time to reread this for better understanding. Aspire to live a fulfilled life, discover your purpose.


  1. Hi Obinna,

    There is nothing better than living a purposeful life. It is a life with a sense of direction and a life that brings happiness and fufilment.

    But the problem most people face is how to discover their purpose in life.

    1. Hello Izzy,

      You're right! Living life with a sense of direction helps one to scale unnecessary hurdles brought about by lack of vision. And anyone can discover his/her purpose via 'intensive search' using the above mentioned tools.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.