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Friday, May 6, 2016

How the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree can inspire you during hard times

inspirational story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree
We live in an age where people want instant gratification. But make no mistake about it, nothing good comes easy. Many have become victims of schemers’ deceit in their quest to get something of value for doing nothing. If it appears too good to be true, you need to look at it again before jumping into the bandwagon.

The story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree is one anybody bent on attaining long term success in business and other walks of life should take a cue from. The enigma of the tree is one many are still examining today. And I’m happy to use it as our ‘case study’.

Perhaps you got a Bamboo Tree seedling, planted it and waited one full year for it to grow. Much to your surprise, there was no sign of growth and out of frustration you decide to uproot what you have left in the ground. What a tragedy! Uprooting the tree due to perceived slow growth is tantamount to aborting something that has the prospect of beating your imagination long term.

Let me paint the picture of the Bamboo Tree for you. When planted in the soil, the Bamboo Tree does not show any sign of major growth until the fifth year. Farmers who specialise in planting this special tree are known for fertilizing and watering it consistently for five years, knowing quite well the immense potential it carries. 

However, in the fifth year, within six weeks, the tree that previously appeared bereft of growth, grows 80 feet tall! The question now is, “Did the Bamboo Tree rise to 80 feet tall within 6 weeks or did it take it 5 years to attain that height?” The answer is simple; it took the tree 5 years of consistent watering, nurturing and fertilization to grow 80 feet tall. 

Many businesses and careers would have grown exponentially like the Bamboo Tree, if their owners had not given up on them due to hard times. Huge opportunities are lost when you allow temporary setbacks to becloud your sense of reasoning. It’s in hard times you discover rare gems. Those who refuse to give up irrespective of negative situations. These are the success stories we talk about today. 

If you have a dream, a business, a career you want to pursue, know that things may not appear rosy initially. But if you would take time to nurture them and engage in consistent actions towards their growth, the possibilities they hold are quite limitless. 

Let hard times inspire you to attain your goals instead of making you abandon them. You have what it takes to get the best out of seemingly difficult situations. Simply develop the tenacity of a Bamboo tree and persevere during hard times until you begin to reap the fruits of your labour. Remember, everything you’ve attained up to this point cannot be compared with what lies ahead. The future is bright; can you see it?