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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

5 Tangible Reasons Why You Must Never Give Up On Yourself

Quote and lessons on perseverance
It is natural to give up when things are not going as we planned. However, some people never knew how close they were to success before giving up. If they knew they were on the brink of something big, they would have persisted no matter what. I have listed here five tangible reasons why you must never quit before your success arrives. Come with me as we look at them one after the other…

5 Tangible Reasons Why You Must Never Give Up On Yourself 

1. Success and anything worthwhile requires time to materialize.
We all want things to happen quickly. Instant gratification has become the order of the day. Everybody wants fast food, fast recharge, fast life. But the truth is when it comes to success, it takes time. Do not be disenchanted when it seems you’re not moving as fast as others. You don’t know where they are heading to. Moreover, there is no competition in destiny. Your primary focus should be on your own business, working daily to improve on the performance of the previous day. It’s interesting to note that your main competition is you. You’ve got to convince yourself that you can attain whatever it is you want to attain in life. Arriving at your intended destination may take some time; nevertheless, it is worth it.

2. Some things don’t happen when we want them, but when they are due.
Rain doesn’t fall until the cloud is filled up. It will be foolhardy to stop trying before your cloud is full. Things don’t usually happen when we want them to, but when they are due. A good example of this is the bamboo tree. There is no amount of fertilization and watering that will make it grow 80ft tall before the fifth year. It is wisdom to keep nurturing your dreams, keep working hard as ever, whether there is something to show for it now or not. In due course, you will reap what you’ve planted. 

3. Rare gems are not commonly found, you need to search deeply to discover them.
The third reason why you must not give up is fascinating. I have come to realize that rare gems are not easily seen on the surface. You need to engage in well planned exploration to discover them. Gold, silver, diamonds, oil, etc, are some of the most valuable commodities on earth. Do you easily find them lying on your streets as you walk by? No. To discover them, you have to embark on a search, which will definitely cost you something. Knowing the value of the outcome of your quest, you will not easily give up. Your vision and dreams are worth paying the necessary sacrifice to realize them because they are rare gems!

4. Other people on a path similar to yours have succeeded, yours is just a matter of time.
Look around, you will see people who embarked on quests similar to yours and succeeded eventually. It’s easier to look at those who have failed and make conclusions that things won’t work out; but how about those who made it? If others could achieve it, you too can! I’m very sure of that. And when you share the same opinion with me, you will not call it quit. You will continue working hard and smart until you make your mark. This is why I would advise you to go get a couple of biographies to study. The lives of heroes past and present will inspire you when you learn what they went through to achieve their enviable status.

5. Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit.
Finally, you will never have a success story to tell, if you quit. We will not be talking about Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jnr., Benjamin Disraeli, Nelson Mandela and a host of others today, if they had quit during their trying times. These icons were known for their tenacity even in the midst of situations that could easily make feeble minds throw in the towel. You have the onerous decision to make, whether to give up or remain steadfast and move towards realizing your goals. The ball is in your court and you have every reason to make the most of it. Remember what you’ve experienced prior to this time cannot be compared with what lies ahead. The future is definitely bright!

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  1. Hi Obinna, what an inspiring post. I strongly agree with your points.The role of persistence, perseverance and determination can not be underestimated in the quest for success in life. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Taiwo. I'm pleased to know you picked salient points from the post. Best regards.

  2. Hi Obinna

    This is just great. I agree with all that you have shared especially the first point. Success is a process and not a destination.

    It is no wonder that successful people are rare Gems. They have so much mental capacity to succeed. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    1. Hello Ike, I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful contribution to this. Yes, success is a process, not a destination. Stay blessed.

    2. Thanks, Rosie... I'm glad you found them useful.