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Monday, June 27, 2016

In this game called life, you are either a player or a spectator

How to make things happen in life: spectator vs a player

It's not hard to discover spectators; they are there at the stands, cheering, jeering, whining and complaining almost about everything. While the players are on the field sweating it out, trying to determine the outcome of the game.
 At the end, the prize money goes to the players and nobody remembers to award anything to the 'wonderful' spectators. Life's like that, the prize money of success is bestowed on those who worked for it, not mere watchers or wishful thinkers. 

Don't just watch things happen, make things happen. ‘Responsibility is the price of greatness’ is fast becoming a cliché in the motivational circles, but are you really responding to your abilities or waiting for a stroke of luck to move your life forward? 

It’s not wise to let others or situations decide the outcome of your life, you’ve got to take the driving seat. You have what it takes to be a top player who influences the outcome of a game. It’s appalling seeing some people resign their fate to government, the economy or one rich uncle.

You are richly endowed by God to dictate the affairs of your life. The negative feeling or idea that you are helpless and can do nothing to improve your situation is a false one. The day you make up your mind that you are fed up with that ugly situation marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

It’s time you got on the field and make things happen. Give life your best because that’s the quality you’ve been packaged with. Deal a heavy blow to every voice to the contrary trying to tell you you are not good enough. I’ve come to tell you, you are good enough. You have what it takes to leave an indelible impression on the sands of time.

There are no two ways about it, you are either making things happen, moving towards realising your set goals or watching circumstances determine the outcome of your life. The question now is, ‘Which of the above scenarios would you allow to become your reality?’

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