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Monday, June 6, 2016

You don’t need a title to make impact

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We live in a society that places so much importance on titles. I remember those days that anyone who made a few millions would run to his village to obtain one chieftaincy title or the other. At a time, in some places, it became a battle of the 'highest bidders' for the titles. Why? Everybody wants to be called chief and seen as someone very important.

Bringing this back to our discourse today, does one really need a title to make impact or be relevant? The answer is “NO”. You don’t need no title to make your presence felt whether in a community or an organization. It’s quite pathetic to see some folks living life with misplaced priorities. You want to be seen as the big and trendy guy to detriment of pursuing the right causes and improving yourself.

Pride, they say, goes before a fall. It’s foolish trying to look rich to impress people who don’t even care whether you exist. There is no need becoming broke in your bid to maintain an ostentatious lifestyle instead of using your meager resources to build something that would yield dividends for you in the future. Maintain a low profile; climb stealthily the ladder of success and your attainments will speak for you later.

I have taken time to read and observe the lives of successful men and women, one common trait majority of these people possess is cool-headedness. They don’t go about announcing to the world who they are; they allow their achievements to announce them. If they ever talk about themselves, it is to inspire others or to impart valuable knowledge they gained from their exploits.

Seek not to be recognized, go for impact. In your impact lies recognition and reward. It’s ironic to note that while some people are busy chasing fame to no avail, fame is busy chasing those who are adding value daily to the lives of others. The magnitude of problems you are solving determines the reward you take home at the end of the day, irrespective of the title you bear.

Have you identified a problem to solve, get down to solving it and someday society will celebrate your exploits. A lot of success stories we hear about today didn’t set out to become famous. They just pursued they passion and their love to add value to humanity using their God-given talents.

Don’t just chase fame and titles, chase laudable goals and dreams. Set your priorities right, engage in consistent actions towards realizing them and every other thing will fall in place when they are due. Have a productive week ahead.

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  1. Hi Obinna

    You are so right.

    You don't need a title to make a difference because we have been blessed with unique gifts which is not limited by titles. Thanks for sharing your insight. Take Care

    1. Hello Ike,
      We need to squash the misconceived notion of placing titles above quality results, which our society is guilty of. No one should be limited by the title he/she doesn't have. Thanks for adding your voice to this.