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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tapping the Goldmine called Mini Importation and E-commerce

Hello, good afternoon, dear friend. I believe you’re still living your dream and making impact in your chosen fields of endeavour. It’s been quite a while since I made my last blog post; I’ve been busy working on some ‘projects’. One of which is my e-commerce business. 

Yes, it's no longer news that I import things from abroad and sell them here in Nigeria. I have stores where I sell my imported items on konga.com, dealdey.com, jiji.ng, olx and will soon add Jumia to the list. You can see it’s a herculean task managing my inventory and accounts with these e-commerce sites, but I’ve tried to make it simple so that it doesn’t affect other important areas of my life.

For illustrative purposes, I recently imported the following items: Slimming Tummy Shaper, Nail Care Kit, etc, and have already begun displaying them on my stores for sales. You don't just import anything you see online. You need to go for things that meet people's needs. People can even pre-order items you're still expecting from abroad, once they are valuable. A lady from Enugu saw the watch you're viewing below on Facebook and asked me to reserve 10 pieces of the magnificent timepiece for her, just like that.
This nice-looking watch was among the items I recently imported.
The truth is that the mini importation and e-commerce business in Nigeria is a lucrative one, if you know how to go about it. Most of the items being sold on Jumia and Konga are not owned by the e-commerce giants, but by individuals who have tapped into what I call the goldmine of mini importation and e-commerce. All that these mini importers did was to study the system and discover what works best for them. It’s not a rocket science, you too can acquire knowledge on this lucrative venture, if you have passion for trade and commerce.
I dropship this beautiful sneakers (that's a topic for another day)
Another good news about the mini importation business is that you don’t necessarily need huge capital to start up. You can start testing waters with as little as 10,000 to 15,000 Naira and a lot of passion before you finally venture out. With proper knowledge and guidance, you can make a fortune out of the business.

I’m an advocate of establishing various streams of income and this business will be ideal for anyone trying to set up another income stream apart from his/her job. I know a lot of people who do this full time. It’s something that is profitable with the right approach.

I also believe it will go a long way in tackling the problem of youth unemployment in Nigeria. It's time for young people in the country to explore every legitimate means to make life better for themselves and their families and e-commerce is one of those veritable means.

So join me in this journey as I explore the world of mini importation and e-commerce. I know a lot of people will like to be mentored by me on how to set up and run successfully a mini importation business, but I’m taking things phase by phase. When the time comes for mentorship, I will make the opportunity available to anyone who really wants to learn. So for now, I focus on building my business. Visit this link Classe Online Store to see some of the products I imported and you can place your order too :)

See you soon and at the top!

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